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If dry eyes are uncomfortable and causing you problems, Andrea Neff, OD, is a dry eye expert and hardworking optometrist providing valuable solutions at In Focus Eyecare in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Dr. Neff offers effective diagnostic testing and treatment methods, such as the TempSure® system and corneal refractive therapy (orthokeratology). Don’t let dry eyes dampen your day and call In Focus Eyecare or use the online scheduling tool.

Dry Eyes Q & A

What causes dry eyes?

Dry eyes are commonly caused by an allergic reaction to irritants on your skin or in the air, such as smoke. Contact lenses can lead to dry eyes if they aren’t worn correctly or if they’re worn for too long or in a place with smoky air.

Dry eyes might also be caused by:

  • Infections
  • Strain from overuse, such as long hours staring at the computer screen
  • Lack of sleep

Dry eye syndrome is essentially a breakdown in the quality or quantity of your tears. Your tears are designed to protect, moisten, and cleanse your eyes. Every time you blink, your tears protect the surface of your eye and flush away microorganisms and dust.

If this protective coating dries up, your eyes might be more sensitive to light, and you might have a gritty feeling in your eyes. Vision can be blurry in more extreme cases.

Dry eyes happen due to a decrease in tear production when you don’t have enough tears. Your tears are made up of fatty oils, mucus, and water. This mixture protects your eyes from infection and cleans and smooths the surface of your eyes. Dry eyes might be due to an imbalance in the components of the tear mixture and increased tear evaporation.


What treatments are available for dry eyes?

Dr. Neff offers a range of effective treatments for dry eyes and eye allergies, including allergy medications, such as eye lubricants and irritants that flush out allergens and soothe irritated eyes.

Dr. Neff might suggest oral antihistamines or other medications, such as Cyclosporine anti-inflammatory lower inflammation or decongestant eye-drops that can constrict blood vessels and decrease any redness.

Many eye drops are specifically designed to provide lubrication for your eye, act as artificial tears, and reduce redness and irritation. Dr. Neff might recommend a Bruder eye compress, upping your fatty acid intake, and other solutions.

Dr. Neff might also suggest the innovative TempSure laser treatment for dry eyes or reversible or permanent punctal plugs made of silicone or collagen that effectively plug the drainage holes — the small circular openings at the inner corners of your eyelids where your tears drain from your eyes into your nose.

Another effective option is orthokeratology corneal refractive therapy (CRT) — special contact lenses you wear overnight that temporarily reshape your cornea. This typically results in fewer dry eye symptoms.

If you’re dealing with dry eyes, call In Focus Eyecare for excellent treatments like Tempsure or schedule online today.

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