Glasses Buyers Beware!

In today’s society everything is social media and online based. Amazon and subscription services make purchasing anything so easy you don’t even have to think about it. I would be lying if I said that buying glasses online wasn’t just as easy as ordering paper towels. There are so many different companies that will sell you glasses online that you could get whatever you want with just a few clicks. While there are many reasons that you should stop by your local optometrist or optician’s office to get your glasses, I will just go over my 3 most important reasons to think twice when purchasing eyewear!

1. Quality- Most online glasses retailers are after the title of “cheapest glasses”. When they do that, they are using the cheapest (in cost and quality) materials, including the plastic and metal, possible. These are the lenses, materials, and coatings THAT YOU ARE LOOKING OUT OF!

2. Pricing- Okay, this one sounds crazy. Who doesn’t want to get the best price they can? I know we’ve all heard the old saying “You get what you pay for”. When you spend $100 on a pair of progressives (trifocals without the line basically, not the fun lenses that turn dark when you are in the sun), you will more than likely get a few months of use out of them before the frame starts to fall apart or paint is chipped or the lenses start to scratch or are impossible to keep clean! No big deal, right? Wrong, you could have spent an average of $350 after your insurance on a nice pair of progressives from a private practice and had them last about 2 years on average.

3. Measurements- Definitely my favorite argument on this topic. When ordering online there’s no one way to take your measurements. EVERY pair of glasses needs a PD (pupillary distance) and any multifocal lens (bifocal, trifocal, and progressive) will require an additional measurement (Seg Height). Online retailers always have a creative way to try to show you how to take these measurements. If the measurements are not correct, it can cause issues with your vision like double vision, headaches, and even dizziness.

At In Focus Eyecare and IFE Optical we do not sell anyone anything you don’t need to improve your vision! While you can’t just scroll our website at 2AM and pick out a pair of glasses and have them on your doorstep in 2 weeks, I am sure to take my time helping you pick out the frame that is not only perfect for your face but also your style, personality, and most importantly prescription. We hold ourselves to a certain level of quality through which we would want to look at the world. We do our best to keep pricing fair (come check us out, I promise no high-pressure sales whatsoever). And I have some super cool “binoculars” that help me take all the measurements to make sure your vision is the best it can be! Leave online shopping for paper towels and laundry soap.

Stay Glassy 😉


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