Oh, My Middle-Aged Eyes!

Most of our long-time patients at In Focus Eyecare know how I LOVE to wear glasses. I mean, who wouldn’t when you have some of the most awesome fashion accessories and latest lens technology at your disposal?! Away from the practice I do like wearing contacts on Friday and Saturday when I’m out and about town, working in the yard, tagging along with Scout at the dog park, going out to dinner, but most especially for pictures. I notice that the now ever-present dark circles under my eyes are accentuated by the shadows my frames cast on my eyes in photos…ugggghhh. Constantly advancing contact lens technology for presbyopes has given me the opportunity over the last couple of years to go without my glasses now and then. My problem with wearing my multifocal contact lenses…I can’t make it through an entire day wearing them. Nearly all my fellow middle-aged, contact wearing lady friends probably already know why, am I right? Dry eyes!! Dry eyes cause symptoms of ocular pain, discomfort, and decreased visual acuity. It significantly affects the quality of life. It is most prevalent in women, specifically those of us in the menopausal and postmenopausal age groups. Contact lens wear can be miserable when you suffer from dry eyes. Your vision and the comfort of your lenses become worse as the day progresses to the point that by the afternoon if not before, the contacts are removed and on come the glasses.

There are definitely some products that have helped me tolerate contacts again and even soothe my eyes when I’m wearing my beloved glasses. Punctal plugs. These were inserted by Dr. Neff and were the first things that offered me more than temporary relief. I started taking MegaRed Krill Oil for cholestrol and cardiovascular benefits but I noticed a slight improvement in my eye dryness after regularly taking these. My contact lens of choice: Dailies Total 1 Multifocals. These are hands down the most comfortable lenses for me. When I rinse them with Blink RevitaLens Multipurpose Disinfecting Solution straight out of the blister pack, they are less irritating upon insertion and it helps stretch my comfortable wear time a few hours. I also carry around single use vials of Blink Tears or Refresh Optive Drops to use periodically during the day for temporary relief and use Refresh Optive Gel Drops later in the day. I have to admit that contact lens wear has become so “EXTRA” for me that unless the vanity of a special occasion moves me to opt for contacts, I still don’t bother to wear them as much as I would like. That is until last month!

What happened last month? Dr. Neff invested in an exciting, new technology that our In Focus staff became certified to use in May! It’s the TempSure Envi. It was developed for the aesthetic industry and heats deep into the skin to regenerate collagen and reduce the appearance of forehead wrinkles, frown lines, crow’s feet, and smile lines using radiofrequency. A bonus benefit of this process is dry eye relief! How awesome is that..dry eye relief while reducing the appearance of fine lines?! Jackpot!! When it was time to seek out test subjects for training, you can bet I was one of the first to volunteer. So, what was this dry eye treatment like and what were the results? The treatment itself is comparable to the feel of a hot stone treatment and lasts about 5 minutes for each area treated. Following the treatment around your eyes, Dr. Neff expresses the meibomian glands. These glands secrete oils onto the surface of the eye to keep your tears from evaporating too quickly. The TempSure Envi treatment heats the meibomian glands to allow expression of the glands to clear the waxy blockages and reduce future wax plugging. A full round of treatment for best results includes three sessions, four weeks apart. I have now had two sessions. I can tell you that I felt relief immmeeeediattttelyyyy! When I’ve worn my contacts the past few weekends, my eyes feel like 30-year-old eyes. (Well almost, presbyopia still has it’s challenges.) The brow lifting effect that the TempSure gave me was a nice surprise and the plumping of the skin around my eyes has already taken affect. I don’t have to tell you that I’m looking forward to eyes that feel AND look younger. Stay tuned for more on TempSure Envi!

May blessings and smiles be yours,


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