Why does she torture me with dilation?!

Have you ever wondered if your body was showing a symptom of a future illness that no one caught from your annual physical? Ever thought about why your Optometrist or Ophthalmologist always prefers to dilate you? Well, it isn’t for torture. The truth is your eyes can portray lots of things related to your health that other tests cannot. Dilation expands your pupil giving a view to the very back. In the back portion of your eye your doctor is able to see blood vessels, the macula, and optic nerve, just to touch on a few. Abnormal blood vessels or new blood vessel growth in the retina could be one sign of diabetic retinopathy that is likely not visible without dilation or retinal fundus photography. Your macula is in charge of your central vision. Without yearly examination, early prevention of macular diseases cannot be prevented. Not wearing sunglasses outside can also speed up these diseases. The optic nerve is responsible for transferring what is seen to the brain through electrical impulses. Glaucoma causes optic nerve damage which results in permanent vision loss.

The eye itself is a very detailed book of which most people only read the cover. The In Focus Eyecare team is here to give you the short version of that book with a thorough eye exam. Here we offer retinal fundus photography which is similar to dilation but without the drops. Dilation is still the best route, but with these photos, we are able to show you and explain what dilation shows. Although, dilation gives a more peripheral view, the photos are documented for comparison yearly.

I’m Jessica, Dr. Neff’s technician, here to prep you so that you do not have to wonder what the future of your eyes holds.

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